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Yealm U3A

Welcome to the Groups Page

Art Appreciation David Stephenson 872933 davidjstep@btinternet.com
AUS/NZ Interest Alan Winton 872167 alanwinton@gmail.com
Bird Watching Peter Holt 873136 peterholt@straths.co.uk
Bridge for Beginners & Improvers George Buckland 872209 george.buckland@btinternet.com
Cycling Duncan Macpherson 872645 duncanmac2@gmail.com
Family History Mary Norton 881692 nortonpopplestone@btinternet.com
French Conversation Rosemary Smith 872286 rosemarycolin@gmail.com
German Conversation Jill Mariner 873266 jill.mariner@btinternet.com
Photography Workshop Sue Brown 872328 susanibrown@btinternet.com
Poetry Angie Pyman 873177 angie.pyman@btinternet.com
Singing Phil Hughes 873181 phil@qualitywebs.co.uk
Tours and Trips Barbara Geddes 872351 barged41@googlemail.com
U3A Village Question Time John Ingram 872006 johningram929@btinternet.com
Walking Through Time Liz Bailey 01822 852983 elizabeth.bailey084@btinternet.com
Wine Appreciation Chris/Laraine Kirkham 873080 larainek3@hotmail.com
Yeamblers Christine Wilson 872775 wilsons@gmx.co.uk
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